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Family Run Business 4th Generation

From a leaky roofs, to a brand New Roof Installation, Craig Noakes roofing services who are roofers based in Blackpool can help. We will be able to advise whether a leaking roof can be fixed using the correct roofing repair methods or if it needs replacing, we will be able to help you decide on what type of roof is suitable for your house, bungalow, shop, hotel, garage or shed. Basically our motto is, if it has a roof, Craig Noakes Roofing Services Blackpool can fix it. We will take control of every roof build, organising the roofing materials, purchase and delivery, scaffolding, skips and all rubbish removed, to ensure that the installation of your brand new roof or repair is totally hassle free.

We are very much a family business and roofing is something our family has worked in for over four generations now! You’ll find brothers, daughters, nephews and much more working within Craig Noakes Roofing Services so, you’ll get the high-quality care family businesses are known for. We’ll leave your property clean and tidy and work to provide as quick a service as possible without cutting corners on quality. We take control of everything ensuring we provide you a high level professional roofing service. From brand new roofs to re-roofing jobs, general roof repair work, flat roofs, glass roofs, chimney work, lead work, UPVC fixtures and fittings. At Craig Noakes Roofing Service we provide a modern efficient roofing service for everyone in Blackpool and surrounding areas.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

Do you live in Blackpool? Do you need expert roofing services? If so, then we have great news for you, because Craig Noakes Roofing Services who are roofers in Blackpool can help! We are experienced professional roofers and can help you with everything from common everyday problems like leaky roofs to more specialist problems. Whether it’s a total roof repair or replacement or just a simple touch up at Craig Noakes Roofing we can help with everything. But that’s not all, we also offer expert advice and guidance. So if you’re not sure what kind of roof you need or what kind of work you need done then we can help.

We can also help diagnosis issues and problems, so if you’re experiencing problems with your roof then just get in touch today. From flats and apartments to commercial properties like shops and restaurants we can help you with roofing matters of any kind. If you have a problem with your roof we can fix it! That’s our motto and we provide a one-stop service that you can always rely on. We treat all our clients with the same high standard of care and use the highest quality materials.

Our Great Services Include:

We pride ourselves on offering a modern service for the people of Blackpool! Our great services include all the following.


Our goal is to provide you the best roofing service


We can carry out Emergency Roofing Work on your property


I have my brother, daughter, nephew working for me.


Our goal is the best roofing service at affordable prices.

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    I am so pleased I rang your number when I saw your van. Our family had wasted far to much money on roofing repairs. The first time you saw our roof you told us straight “You need a new roof, this roof has past its best, you can keep patching it up but, to be honest your wasting your money”.

    You were not the first roofing company we had used and to be honest we will not be using any other company again unless it’s yours. We had paid silly amounts of money for useless repairs, being told every time that this will fix it. We are so glad we came across Craig Noakes Roofing. You saved our bacon a few times, especially when my daughters dormer bedroom started leaking in, this soon started to leak into the rooms below causing massive damage to our walls, we called Craig and out of the goodness of his heart, he came round and covered the defective areas in a plastic sheeting and said he will be back when the rain has stopped to repair the roof. He then returned and patched up the area (lol) stating you still need a new roof.

    We listened to Craigs advice and decided that the only way to stop the problems we were having every time it rained, was to in fact bite the bullet and invest in a full new roof. The price Craig gave us, we thought was very very good (and we did have 3 other quotes) and was happy with.

    Craig promised he would take care of everything and that he did, he really took the project and controlled it. He organised everything, all we had to do was make him cups of tea.

    Thanks a million Craig,

    Came home from work one day to find scaffolding being erected at my adjoining neighbor’s of the property. Being curious, I asked the guys what it was for and was told that their side of the roof was to be
    replaced due to problems with damp. Now (prior to this) I hadn’t even considered replacing my roof (worried about extortionate costs and cowboy outfits etc), but after some consideration I thought if I didn’t do it now I may regret it later on!

    Now I’m a believer in fate and it was somewhat fortuitous that Craig just happened to be in next door’s back garden doing an assessment of the impending works, so I approached him with a view to obtaining a quote for the same job as my neighbor. A quick chat about expectations, followed by a quote and the deal was sealed with a handshake.

    The whole job was completed in less than a week and (truth to say) I’m very pleased with it – it sets the whole building off very nicely indeed. In fact, I’ve noticed that photos of the completed roof have been added to the company website and why not they deserve a viewing – such is the quality of the job.

    In view of the above AND the very competitive price, I would certainly recommend this outfit for anyone considering having roofing work done on their property.

    That’s it and thanks.