Flat Roofing

It’s a little odd to think about it but roofs aren’t always the classic triangular shape you think they are. Roofs actually come in a range of different shapes and styles but one of the most common and popular styles of roof is actually the flat roofing type.  Flat roofing is pretty much all there in the name and it offers the same protection of a regular more traditional roof. While many traditional houses don’t have flat roofs many other properties do, things like garages, sheds, bungalows and a range of commercial properties can all have flat roofs. If you’ve had a home extension or a loft conversion then it’s also highly likely that you will have a flat roof built on to your property as well.

At Craig Noakes Roofing we have a wealth of experience with flat roofs and they an important corner stone of the modern service we provide. Blackpool as we are sure you know is home to many different domestic and commercial outlets so, flat roofs are always going to be in demand.

But whether it’s a place of business, you home or even your garden shed or garage our flat roofing service is available to everyone in Blackpool no matter what property it is. We guarantee a high quality, quick flat roofing installation and we’ll take care of all the clean-up work as well.

Our Amazing Service for Flat Roofing Blackpool

Our flat roofing service covers everything you could need from brand new flat roofing installations, to general repair work for existing flat roofs and even coating work as well. So, if you already have a flat roof installation and want to patch it up or ensure its sufficiently protected then don’t worry we can help.

We use only the highest quality materials in all our flat roofing work including a range of professional liquid coatings. Our flat roofs feature a smooth mineral finish and are installed using hot bitumen. We also tailor our service for your roof to ensure you get the best results possible, so if you’re looking for high quality flat roof services then get in touch today. Please contact us.

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