Chris D

Came home from work one day to find scaffolding being erected at my adjoining neighbor’s of the property. Being curious, I asked the guys what it was for and was told that their side of the roof was to be
replaced due to problems with damp. Now (prior to this) I hadn’t even considered replacing my roof (worried about extortionate costs and cowboy outfits etc), but after some consideration I thought if I didn’t do it now I may regret it later on!

Now I’m a believer in fate and it was somewhat fortuitous that Craig just happened to be in next door’s back garden doing an assessment of the impending works, so I approached him with a view to obtaining a quote for the same job as my neighbor. A quick chat about expectations, followed by a quote and the deal was sealed with a handshake.

The whole job was completed in less than a week and (truth to say) I’m very pleased with it – it sets the whole building off very nicely indeed. In fact, I’ve noticed that photos of the completed roof have been added to the company website and why not they deserve a viewing – such is the quality of the job.

In view of the above AND the very competitive price, I would certainly recommend this outfit for anyone considering having roofing work done on their property.

That’s it and thanks.

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